Drug Rehab Center-dual Diagnosis Method

Drug rehabilitation process may comprise of several treatment methods and one among them is dual diagnosis method. Several drug rehab centers offer such drug rehabilitation treatment in present days. The name dual diagnosis suggests that this type of drug rehabilitation treatment treats the two coexisting type of conditions present in the body of drug or alcohol addict. These conditions influence each other (condition) mutually. Hence, their treatments are related to each other.

Studies depict that drug addicts are those who suffer from some or the other mental or physical problems. To get rid of the problems, individuals start consuming drugs and within a matter of few days, they get addicted to it. So, it becomes necessary to cure the mental condition as well as the drug addiction of the addicted individual through drug rehabilitation. You must join any drug rehab center that offer dual diagnosis drug treatment.

How Is Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehabilitation Different?

Since, it is not easy to motivate drug addict to leave their habit of consuming substance, the drug rehab centers have designed different programs that tries to focus on balancing the mental condition of the addicted person.

First, in drug rehabilitation center you will be made to understand the impact of drugs on your life, families and loved ones. Drugs are a sort of slow poison, which degrades your life slowly. Later on, you will have to undergo counseling sessions in drug rehab centers, which imbibe positive thoughts in your mind.

The drug rehab centers conduct certain session such as yoga classes, mediations, hobby classes, group discussion and art classes, which help you to relive your stress and achieve balance frame of mind. In addition, since you will mingle with other individuals at drug rehab centers, you will not feel lonely or alone ever.

Apart from this, you will be given proper diet and exercises to perform, so that you recovery speedily. After every three to four days, the doctors check your status based on which your further sessions will be conducted. Detox treatment is also included in dual drug rehab centers, so that you do not relapse. This helps you tackle with the withdrawal symptoms too.

Most detox programs conducted by drug rehabs center usually conclude within a week. However, dual drug rehabilitation treatment may take up to three weeks, because mental condition of the patient impedes as the treatment proceeds further.

Drug rehab center concludes the treatment, when a patient does not crave for substance again and after getting assured that he or she does not show any signs of withdrawal.

Psychiatric Counseling at Drug Rehab Centers: After the conclusion of drug rehabilitation treatment, drug rehab centers may ask you to come for follow-up. The follow up sessions comprise of psychiatric counseling. Thus, drug rehab centers that offer dual diagnosis rehabilitation treatment concentrate on mental, emotional, physical as well as behavioral aspect of drug addict.

In the last sessions of follow-up drug rehabilitation treatment, counselors will conduct your interview wherein they analyze the extent as well as nature of your mental condition. Thus, if you or your dear ones are suffering from this sort of drug addiction then join any drug rehab centers that offer dual diagnosis drug rehabilitation to come out as an entirely new individual.

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Drug Rehab: Some More Truth

Drug addiction and drug rehab have become two frequently used words in our vocabulary these days. The numbers of drug addicts has found a steep increase and alarm bells are ringing more than ever. The requirement of drug rehab treatment has also seen a spurt. Rehab centers have mushroomed. Unfortunately, many of our drug rehab centers are not up to the mark and sport questionable success rates.

Before enrolling anyone for drug rehab treatment, it is essential that a close relative make a visit to the rehab center to make sure that all facilities exist for effective treatment. Almost all drug rehab centers have their own websites which spell out the positives about their drug rehab programs. In addition to visiting these sites, it is advisable to search for related blogs where like minded people come out with their best or bitter experiences.

A handful of rehab centers stand tall here. With verdant surroundings and trustworthy staff, they fulfill all the requirements needed for a drug addict to reform. Reformation process is often cumbersome, painful and frustrating process, which needs to be approached in a professional manner. Curing a shattered mind is not child’s play. It needs a planned approach and perfect execution.

Beware of sites that offer one step quick treatment. Those people are either unaware of the nuances involved in drug rehab programs or are trying to con you. A detailed study about the practiced drug rehab treatment methods and their effectiveness can help you immensely to arrive at a right conclusion. Holistic approaches have been found to have greater long term success rates where as short term physical treatment methods are found to be giving temporary solutions only.

The fact about addiction is that it is an acquired habit caused by extreme mental conditions like a sense of loss, alienation, inferiority complex and the like. So isn’t it important that the mind is fully treated to get rid of these negative traits? Unless the mind is treated and healed, chances of recurrence of addiction is much greater than what you may think.

Never go for quick fixes. Our best rehab programs starts with the analyzing process where the background, family, character traits and likes and dislikes of the addict are dissected threadbare to arrive at a conclusion about how the person became an addict at the first place. A thorough detoxification treatment starts now. No drugs are used and the body is cured of further cravings by means of a process involving physical exercises and educational steps. The mind is made to believe that it is not inferior to others in any way. The addict is now free to lead a successful life. The rehab centers conducts regular follow ups for a period of time to make sure that no future relapsing occur.

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